Modular Multipurpose Radio Frequency Amplifier (2009)

Currently, RF amplifiers for industrial applications, particle accelerators, and physics research are built to specifically tailored, unique designs. This SBIR research, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, is developing a modular amplifier that combines standard, common key components with fewer specialized components. The amplifier satisfies a wide range of needs while lowering costs of engineering design by incorporating standard controls, high voltage supplies and filament supplies. Overall, the cost of individual RF amplifiers is reduced.

This modular multipurpose amplifier can support a wide range of RF from 10 MHz through X-band supplied by tetrodes, IOTs, and klystrons operating at 5-100 kW. RF power levels of 10-100 kW CW, and up to 1 MW pulsed can be achieved within this modular design.