Pulse Modulators

DTI's PowerMod™ modulators deliver the breakthrough advantages of solid-state high power switching to demanding pulsed power applications worldwide.

  • Fast rise and fall times and outstanding pulse stability
  • Proven, modular design for high reliability
  • Compact, streamlined system design using an ultra-fast opening and closing switch
  • High power at 10 kV-200 kV at up to 5,000 A and higher
    (for parallel devices)
  • Full internal self-protection against overvoltage and overcurrent conditions

PowerMod™ modulators offer better performance than vacuum tube-based modulators because solid state components offer higher reliability with long component life, and generate significantly lower operating costs due to high power conversion efficiency. Lower power consumption means lower utility and environmental cooling costs.

All DTI systems are built from patented, solid-state IGBT-based switching assemblies connected in series to achieve the desired voltage. Because IGBTs always fail "short", PowerMod™ modulators continue to operate even if several IGBTs in the switch fail. In addition, components are derated in the design, allowing additional operating margin and reliability.

PowerMod™ modulators are available in a wide range of voltage, current, and performance configurations, and can be integrated with an external control system.