Short Pulse Modulators

DTI classifies short pulse modulators as modulators with pulse widths in the range of 1 - 500 microseconds.

Below is a list of publications relating to short pulse modulator technology and its applications.

Short Pulse Modulator Systems - A two page color data sheet describing DTI's short pulse modulator solutions (1.3 MB).

Pulsed High Power Amplifiers (2015) - A three page paper describing the architecture and development of two recent short pulse klystron modulators delivered by DTI to Daresbury Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Presented at the 2015 Pacific Symposium on Pulsed Power. (635 kB)

Affordable, Short Pulse Marx Modulator (2015) - A three page paper describing the architecture of a 100 kV - 500 kV, 500 A, 0.2 - 5.0 µs risetime modulator based on a novel Marx bank design. Presented at the 2015 Particle Power Conference. (515 kB)