Long Pulse Modulators

DTI classifies long pulse modulators as modulators with pulse widths greater than 500 microseconds.

Below is a list of publications relating to long pulse modulator technology and its applications.

Long Pulse Modulator Systems - A two page color data sheet describing DTI's long pulse modulator solutions.

Pulsed Power Systems for ESS Klystrons (2016) - A two page technical paper describing DTI's long pulse modulator technology for the European Spallation Source (ESS) klystron testing. (637 kB)

Robust High-Average-Power Modulator (2013) - A two page paper, presented at the 2013 International Vacuum Electronics Conference, describing DTI's design for a long pulse modulator meeting the requirements of the European Spallation Source modulators, funded under a US DOE grant. (284 kB)

Solid-State Long Pulse Marx Modulator (2012) - A three page paper, presented at the 2012 International Pulse Modulator High Voltage Conference, describing the implementation of the Marx topology to produce a long pulse modulator intended to be used as a test platform for International Linear Collider class klystrons. (579 kB)

A Klystron Power System for the ISIS Front End Test Stand (2009) - A four page paper, presented at the 2009 Pulsed Power Conference, describing a DTI developed power system to drive a Toshiba E3740A klystron installed at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK) in December 2008. (134 kB)

Solid-State Modulators for the International Linear Collider (2006)-A three page paper describing DTI's "hard switch" and Marx bank topologies for modulators that can meet the requirements for the International Linear Collider. Paper was presented at the 2006 Power Modulator Conference. (163 kb)