PowerMod Technology

DTI's PowerMod™ solid-state modulators and power supplies are built from a series stack of FETs or IGBTs, configured for very high voltage standoff, and operated as a single ideal switch. Gate drives are highly synchronized to ensure the load on the switch is shared equally between devices. The entire switch can be quickly and arbitrarily closed or opened, providing sub-microsecond removal of stored energy from the load during a short. DTI's pulse modulators have onboard gate drives, diagnostics, and fault detection. Each switch operates fully isolated from ground, and can open without damage under fault currents to 10 kA. The patented technology is scalable, enabling a modular approach to building switches from 2.5 kV to over 200 kV, at currents from 10 A to 5000 A.

Below is a list of publications relating to DTI's PowerMod™ switching technology.

PowerMod™ Technology - A two page color data sheet describing DTI's high power switching technology.