High Current High Voltage IGBT Switch (2016)

Under this SBIR program, DTI is developing series-parallel, solid-state, high voltage switching arrays for applications such as high current electromagnetic missile launch, high power actuators, and power supplies. This program is sponsored by the Naval Surface Warfare Center/Dahlgren.

DTI's switch array is a compact assembly of discrete, lower voltage solid-state devices. The switch is made up of five plates, each of which contains 100 lower voltage devices, switched by a common gate drive. Each plate operates at 10 kA, 10 kV; five plates operating in parallel achieve 50 kA at 10 kV for total power of 500 MW.

As with all DTI switches, patented technology insures that all switching elements operate as a single switch. Switching is sub-microsecond with pulse widths equivalent to 1 - 50 kHz switching speed. The switch includes overvoltage protection, is scalable to a variety of voltages & currents, and is much more compact than a design using large, conventional IGBTs.